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1st Edition
October 1, 2015
Vision Inc.
Director, Managing Executive Officer COO & Director of Sales Dept. Kenji Ota

For Vision, information assets (including information and information systems) are a source of profit in our Global WiFi business, inbound business, international business, and all associated businesses, and are our most important assets. We also consider the prevention of information security incidents to be a social duty that we must fulfill.
In order to protect our information assets from information security threats, we shall handle our information assets securely and with precision, achieve the kind of information security that is in line with our business strategy, and live up to the trust our customers place in us.

  1. Our security goals shall be as follows, and we shall steadily and surely implement the measures required to achieve them.

    [Security Goals]

    • To respect and conform to the agreements made with our customers, as well as our legal and regulatory obligations
    • To prevent information security incidents from occurring
    • To protect information assets from information security threats
  2. By displaying the Vision management’s determination in terms of the company’s initiatives towards information security and setting forth a set of main guiding principles on the basis of this, Vision shall build and run a suitable information security management system (ISMS), work towards ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information assets, and ensure the continued effectiveness of this system.
  3. Vision shall establish the position of Information Security Supervisor as well as an Information Security Committee in order to establish an organizational framework to run the ISMS.
  4. In order to keep risk to an acceptable level for all the critical information assets we handle, we shall define a systematic procedure for risk assessment and evaluation standards, and respond to risks appropriately on the basis of risk assessments.
  5. At Vision, we shall implement regular training for all employees and measure the effect in order to maintain and improve our ISMS.